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Are your children:

  • driving you crazy with their behavior?
  • getting angry too often and too easily?
  • acting disrespectful or defiant?
  • struggling with school problems?
  • have a short attention span or diagnosed with ADHD?
  • having difficulty coping with divorce or other family problems?
  • experiencing grief from a death or another loss?
  • lacking in self confidence or having low self-esteem?
  • experiencing anxiety? clinginess? or shyness?
  • depressed?
  • having nightmares? wetting the bed?
  • suffering from something traumatic that happened to them?

Wouldn't you like to experience the feeling of seeing your children thriving, growing, and feeling good about themselves and their behavior?

We can help.   We can help you understand your children and we can help them grow.

Our child counseling approach and our offices are designed to be comfortable, private, friendly and non-threatening for children and families. We offer a safe place for children and families to grow, without the discomfort you or your child might feel if you went to a psychiatric hospital or public agency for counseling. 

We've helped hundreds of families. We are child counselors with over 30 years combined experience in counseling.

Our child counseling (psychotherapy) services are often covered by health insurance.  We are affordable for many families and we'll do the insurance paperwork and file claims for you.    

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