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Child Behavior Modification Services

Behavior Modification is an intervention in which parents are guided in how to shape and discipline child behavior using reinforcement, rewards, and punishment.  Behavior modification can be used very effectively to change child behavior, decreasing misbehavior and to increase positive behaviors. 

At Child Therapy Specialists, we do not recommend behavior modification as the only intervention for children because often the problem behaviors are a symptom of emotional issues in the child.  If the child's behavior is treated with behavior modification without understanding and addressing the cause of the emotional issues of the child, the behavior may be eliminated only to have a different child behavior problem start to occur. We believe it is important to address whatever the issue is that is causing negative emotions and the expression of them through misbehavior. Often problem behaviors can go away without behavior modification if the emotional issues are addressed in child therapy. However, a combination of individual therapy with a child and behavioral modification by the parents can be very effective in improving child behavior. 

Child Behavior Modification Resources