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Is a family matter affecting your children?


Family matters often have a profound effect on children.  If you are struggling with a family matter in Wichita, we offer marriage and family therapy in addition to individual therapy. 

Many Wichita step families, in particular, have been helped by having a marriage and family counselor in order to help the children adjust to the changes. Step parenting can be very difficult.  Step parenting poses extra complication and challenges. Many women tell us that being a step mother is one of the  biggest challenges of their lives.  Our counselors are familiar with step family dynamics and able to help smooth out the adjustment and help with step parenting. 

A marriage and family counselor can also be very helpful when parents are not able to support each other, when there is conflict or communication problems in the family or when the family is threatened with potentially breaking up.  There are some disorders, such as Oppositional Defiant Disorder (which in adolescence is more commonly called "troubled teens"), which research has shown respond better to marriage and family therapy than to individual therapy.

Our Wichita therapists are Licensed Clinical Social Workers who both have experience and training in marriage and family therapy.  We often use such techniques as family systems therapy. 

Family therapy is often covered by medical insurance when the family matters are affecting one of the family members and causing symptoms in parents or children.

To find out if family therapy might be what you need, call us at 729-9965.