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Is parenting your child a challenge?

Do you need parenting advice?

Would you like to improve your parenting skills?

When you feel worried about your child or frustrated with your child’s behavior...   getting information from us can be your first step to becoming a more confident parent and having a happier family life.  We are licensed mental health professionals with over 40 years combined experience, specializing in children and family problems in the Wichita area.  We can help parents with parenting tips, parenting advice, parenting articles, and parenting skills building.  We help parents look at their parenting style and see what is working and what is not.  If you have issues you think might be affecting your children, we’ll help you work through them in therapy so that your children will not have the issues you have.  

If you are single parenting...   you know it is very demanding and more than a full-time job.  You may not have the support you need to confidently parent your child.  We can support you in single parenting and teach you what your child may be expressing about their needs through their behavior.

If you have conflict in your marriage... we offer marriage counseling.  Many parents have differences in parenting style and need help to learn to work together.  When parents are not working cooperatively enough together, children do not behave nearly as well as they do when parents function well as a team.     

If you are in a shared parenting arrangement... the communication between you and the other parent may be causing extra stress for your child.  While the children may greatly benefit from maintaining relationships with both parents, conflict between the parents, or just differences in parenting style, may be making your child’s life more difficult.  In counseling, we can show you ways to minimize the effects of conflict on your child and ways to make less than ideal shared parenting situations work better. 

If your family was dysfunctional or you were not well parented.... you could also find it beneficial to work with us in individual sessions and explore how that has affected you and your parenting.  Many parents who had rigid, authoritarian parents "over correct" out of their desire not to parent like their parents did and then have difficulty setting clear limits.  The result?  Disrespectful, demanding, or out of control children who often acted “entitled”.  High functioning adult survivors who come from dysfunctional families (such as children of alcoholics) may have children who do not have the confidence they should have.  If your issues are affecting your child, we can help you work through them and stop the family issues from carrying over to the next generation.

If you are parenting a teenager...  life is especially challenging.  Even in the best of circumstances, adolescents can test limits and make you doubt yourself and your abilities.  If you have an anxious teen or a depressed teen, you need support for your child and advice on how to help them. If you have a troubled teen who is acting out, you need to get back in control.

If frustration or worry about your child has brought you to our site, don’t wait to take the next step.    Call today! (316) 729-9965  For an appointment or telephone consultation. 



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